Treppner Lenormand Lessons [Review]

I have been looking for different approaches to learning this divination system.  I came across repeated mentions to the Treppner course.  Iris Treppner is very famous for her Lenormand course.  I found that it was translated into English at a very reasonable price, so I went ahead and bought it. What follows is my review…

Iris Treppner is a teacher of the German school of Lenormand divination.

Navigating her website is a tad daunting as it’s only in German.  However, she has a English translation of her Lenormand course material.  My advice, is to use Google translate to translate this site at the time of the writing of this post, this was the direct link to the English translation of her Lenormand course:, OR you can E-Mail to Katja : as she is a English speaker and can help you with the purchase.

This course is amazing.  It’s really spectacular and I’ll tell you why.

The Price:

The course is very reasonably priced at only $35 USD.

The Writing Style:

The writing style is very gentle.  It is about “having fun” with the oracle.  About discovering our own intuition.  Also the people at the website are very friendly.

The Content:

The content is awesome.

  1. First, she teaches a form of meditation.  It reminded me a bit of Zen meditation – the Katsuki Sekida form of Zen meditation where the breath is held.  It’s between that and Pranayama.
  2. Second, she leads student into practices to help them grow their clairvoyance.
  3. Third, she gets into her basic definitions of the cards.
  4. Fourth, she goes over a variety of spreads (36 card spread, 9 card spread, 3 card spread, 1 card.)
  5. Fifth, she goes through example readings and
  6. Sixth, she deals with a variety of card formations (Grand Tableu, reflection, Knighting, etc.)

The content depth is profound, and the for the price it’s a great deal.  You basically get 7 PDF’s, each discussing a different topic.  Well worth it.

The first few pages won me over.  When I studied in Golden Dawn and Thelemic (as well as Enochian based schools of mysteries) we were repeatedly told to “scry” Tarot for meanings.  To scry Enochian letters for meanings.  While there might be a basic definition, the act of scrying the card or object of meditation, gave us a deeper and more personal connection with it.

The Treppner course does something very similar… it opens with a method of meditation that allows you to learn more about the cards by using them as the object of meditation.  Very cool.

Divination System that Works:

I did a reading for a friend of the family on their travel to America (linked HERE.)  While the run of the mill combination meanings said he would have a great trip, the Treppner combination of “Flowers” & “Ship” meant a canceled voyage or a problem with the vacation being hindered. In deed, that is exactly what happened. Due to a flash flood my friend could not come to America that week. He had to have the trip postponed a week.